New Inventory Available to Reserve

Not seeing what you are looking for in our current inventory?  Here is a list of all of our vehicles in production, and will be coming soon.  You can review all of the models and colors that are available for you to reserve.  Reserve yours today!

2022 Models

2022 Honda Accord

  • A01-41019-00034  Platinum White Pearl/Black
  • A11-41007-00021 Crystal Black Pearl/Black
  • A12-41011-00019 Crystal Black Pearl/Black
  • A10-41005-00021 Crystal Black Pearl/Black
  • A10-41005-00022 Still Night Pearl/Black
  • A12-41011-00020 Still Night Pearl/Black
  • A11-41007-00022 Still Night Pearl/Black
  • A11-41007-00023 Sonic Gray Pearl/Black
  • A10-41005-00024 Sonic Gray Pearl/Black
  • A10-41005-00023 Sonic Gray Pearl/Black
  • A10-41005-00025 Lunar Silver Metallic/Black
  • A12-41011-00021 Lunar Silver Metallic/Black
  • A11-41007-00024 Lunar Silver Metallic/Black
  • A10-41005-00027 Platinum White Pearl/Black
  • A12-41011-00022 Platinum White Pearl/Black
  • A11-41007-00027 Platinum White Pearl/Black
  • A11-41007-00026 Platinum White Pearl/Black
  • A11-41007-00025 Platinum White Pearl/Black
  • A10-41005-00026 Platinum White Pearl/Black
  • A12-41011-00023  Crystal Black Pearl/Black
  • A11-41007-00028 Crystal Black Pearl/Black
  • A10-41005-00028 Crystal Black Pearl/Black
  • A11-41007-00029 Still Night Pearl/Black
  • A11-41007-00030 Sonic Gray Pearl/Black
  • A10-41005-00029 Sonic Gray Pearl/Black
  • A10-41005-00030 Platinum White Pearl/Black
  • A10-41005-00031  Crystal Black Pearl/Black
  • A12-41011-00024 Still Night Pearl/Black
  • A11-41007-00031 Sonic Gray Pearl/Black
  • A10-41005-00032 Lunar Silver Metallic/Black
  • A11-41007-00033 Platinum White Pearl/Black
  • A11-41007-00032 Platinum White Pearl/Black
  • A01-41019-00035  Crystal Black Pearl/Black
  • A01-41019-00036  Metorite Gray Metallic/GR
  • A01-41019-00037  Platinum White Pearl/Black

2022 Honda Accord Hybrid

  • A10-41005-00034 Still Night Pearl/Black
  • A09-41000-00035  Still Night Pearl/Black
  • A11-41007-00034 Sonic Gray Pearl/Black
  • A09-41000-00036 Lunar Silver Metallic/Black
  • A10-41005-00035  Lunar Silver Metallic/Black
  • A11-41007-00035 Platinum White Pearl/Black
  • A11-41007-00035  Platinum White Pearl/Black
  • A01-41019-00038  Crystal Black Pearl/Black
  • A01-41019-00039  Urban Gray Pearl /Black
  • A01-41019-00040  Platinum White Pearl/Black
  • A01-41019-00041  Crystal Black Pearl/Black
  • A01-41019-00044  Crystal Black Pearl/Black
  • A01-41019-00045  Urban Gray Pearl /Black
  • A01-41019-00046  Platinum White Pearl/GR

2022 Honda Civic Sedan

  • A09-41000-00052 Platinum White Pearl/Black RESERVED

    2022 Honda Civic Hatchback

    • S09-41012-00001 Metorite Gray Metallic/Black
    • S09-41010-00005 Platinum White Pearl /Black RESERVED
    • S09-41012-00002 Boost Blue Pearl/Black
      • S08-41010-00006 Metorite Gray Metallic/Black
      • S08-41010-00007 Crystal Black Pearl/Black
      • S09-41012-00003 Metorite Gray Metallic/Black
      • S09-41012-00004 Platinum White Pearl/Black

      2022 Honda Civic Si

      • A09-41000-00046 Platinum White Pearl/Black and Red

        2022 Honda Insight

              2022 Honda CR-V

              • A09-41000-00028 Crystal Black Pearl/ Black
              • A09-41000-00037 Radiant Red Metallic/ Gray
              • A09-41000-00038 Platinum White Pearl/Ivory
              • A09-41000-00039
              • A09-41000-00040 Platinum White Pearl/Ivory
              • A09-41000-00044 Radiant Red Metallic/Gray

              2022 Honda CR-V Hybrid

              • A09-41000-00042 Radiant Red Metallic/Gray
              • S09-41010-00003 Radiant Red Metallic/Gray
              • A09-41000-00043 Lunar Silver Metallic/Gray RESERVED
              • A12-41011-00042 Crystal Black Pearl/Black
              • A12-41011-00043 Obsidian Blue Pearl/Black
              • A12-41011-00045 Metorite Gray Metallic/Black
              • A12-41011-00044 Metorite Gray Metallic/Black
              • A11-41007-00020 Metorite Gray Metallic/Black
              • A12-41011-00046 Radiant Red Metallic/Black
              • A12-41011-00047 Lunar Silver Metallic/Black
              • A12-41011-00048 Platinum White Pearl/Black
              • P10-41013-00001
              • A12-41011-00040 Metorite Gray Metallic/Black RESERVED
              • A12-41011-00041 Platinum White Pearl/Black RESERVED
              • A09-41000-00043 Lunar Silver Metallic/Gray RESERVED

              2022 Honda Passport

              • A08-40998-00009 Platinum White Pearl/Black

              2022 Honda Pilot

              • A12-41011-00006 Crystal Black Pearl/Black
              • A10-41005-00008 Platinum White Pearl/Black
              • A10-41005-00005 Crystal Black Pearl/Black
              • A10-41005-00006 Sonic Gray Pearl/Black
              • S10-41008-00014 Platinum White Pearl/Black
              • A11-41011-00049  BV/BW
              • A12-41011-00008  Lunar Silver Metallic/Gray
              • A12-41011-00009 WZ/BW
              • A10-41005-00009 Crystal Black Pearl/Black
              • S11-41017-00004  Sonic Gray Pearl/Black
              • S11-41017-00005  Platinum White Pearl/Black
              • S09-41008-00012 Platinum White Pearl/Black
              • S09-41008-00011 Platinum White Pearl/Black
              • A12-41011-00007 RL/BK
              • S10-41010-00009 Lunar Silver Metallic/Gray
              • S10-41010-00010 Platinum White Pearl /Black
              2023 Models

              2023 Honda HR-V

              • A12-41011-00012 Crystal Black Pearl/Black RESERVED
              • A11-41007-00012 Modern Steel Metallic/Black
              • S11-41017-00001  Lunar Silver Metallic/Gray
              • A01-41019-00012  Platinum White Pearl/GR
              • A10-41005-00017 Modern Steel Metallic/BlackRESERVED
              • A01-41019-00014  Platinum White Pearl/Black
              • A01-41019-00013  Platinum White Pearl/Black
              • S11-41017-00002  Crystal Black Pearl/Black
              • S11-41017-00003  Urban Gray Pearl/Black
              • A12-41011-00013 Crystal Black Pearl/Black RESERVED
              • A11-41007-00013 Crystal Black Pearl/Black RESERVED
              • A11-41007-00015 Platinum White Pearl/Black
              • A12-41011-00016 Platinum White Pearl/Black
              • A12-41011-00015 Platinum White Pearl/Black
              • A12-41011-00014 Platinum White Pearl/Black
              • A11-41007-00014 Platinum White Pearl/Black
              • A01-41019-00015  Crystal Black Pearl/Black
              • A01-41019-00016  Rallye Red/Black
              • A01-41019-00019  Platinum White Pearl/Black
              • A01-41019-00018  Platinum White Pearl/Black
              • A01-41019-00017  Platinum White Pearl/Black
              • S124102100012    Urban Gray Pearl /Black
              • A11-41007-00016 Platinum White Pearl/Black

              2023 Honda CR-V

              • A10-41005-00040 Crystal Black Pearl/Black
              • A11-41007-00041 Crystal Black Pearl/Black
              • A12-41011-00025 Still Night Pearl/Black
              • A11-41007-00042 Obsidian Blue Pearl/BlackRESERVED
              • A09-41000-00054 Crystal Black Pearl/Gray
              • A12-41011-00026 Metorite Gray Metallic/Black
              • A10-41007-00053 Metorite Gray Metallic/Gray
              • A12-41011-00027 Urban Gray Pearl/Black
              • A11-41007-00043 Radiant Red Metallic/Gray
              • A12-41011-00028 Radiant Red Metallic/Gray
              • A10-41005-00041 Lunar Silver Metallic/Black
              • A12-41011-00029 Lunar Silver Metallic/Black
              • A11-41007-00019 Platinum White Pearl/Black
              • A12-41011-00030 Platinum White Pearl/Black
              • A10-41005-00042 Platinum White Pearl/Gray
              • A12-41011-00031 Platinum White Pearl /Gray
              • S10-41016-00001 RESERVED
              • S10-41016-00002 Metorite Gray Metallic/Black
              • S10-41016-00003 Metorite Gray Metallic/Gray
              • S10-41016-00004 Urban Gray Pearl/Black
              • S10-41016-00005 Radiant Red Mettalic/Gray
              • S114102100001 Crystal Black Pearl/Black
            • A10-41005-00010 Radiant Red Metallic/Black
            • A12-41011-00004 Platinum White Pearl/Black
            • S10-41016-00006
            • S10-41016-00007  RESERVED
            • S10-41016-00008
            • S10-41016-00009  Meteorite Gray Metallic/Black
            • S10-41016-00010  Meteorite Gray Metallic/Gray
            • S10-41016-00011  urban Gray Pearl/Black
            • S10-41016-00012  Radiant Red Metallic/Gray
            • S10-41016-00013  Lunar Silver Metallic/Black
            • S10-41016-00014  Platinum White Pearl/Black
            • A01-41019-00022   Still Night Pearl /Black
            • A01-41019-00023  Radiant Red Metallic/Black
            • A12-41011-00040  Meteorite Gray Metallic/Black RESERVED
            • A12-41011-00041  Platinum White Pearl/Black
            • A12-41011-00042  Crystal Black Pearl/Black
            • A10-41011-00044  Meteorite Gray Metallic/Black
            • A11-41007-00020  Meteorite Gray Metallic/Black RESERVED
            • A10-41011-00045  Meteorite Gray Metallic/Black
            • A10-41011-00046  Radiant Red Metallic/Black
            • A12-41011-00047  Lunar Silver Metallic/Black  RESERVED
            • A12-41011-00048  Platinum White Pearl/Black RESERVED
            • A01-41019-00024  Crystal Black Pearl/Black
            • A01-41019-00025  Still Night Pearl /Black RESERVED
            • A01-41019-00026  Crystal Black Pearl/GR
            • A01-41019-00027  Metorite Gray Metallic/Black RESERVED
            • A01-41019-00029  Urban Gray Pearl /Black RESERVED
            • A01-41019-00028  Urban Gray Pearl /Black
            • A01-41019-00030  Radiant Red Metallic/Black
            • A01-41019-00031  Lunar Silver Metallic/Black
            • A01-41019-00032  Platinum White Pearl/Black RESERVED
            • A01-41019-00033  Platinum White Pearl/GR
            • S124102100006    Still Night Pearl /Black
            • 2023 Honda CR-V Hybrid

              • ID Number
              • ID Number

              2023 Honda Odyssey

              • A12-41011-00001 Sonic Gray Pearl/Black
              • A10-41005-00002 Platinum White Pearl/BlackRESERVED
              • A12-41011-00002 Platinum White Pearl/Black
              • A11-41007-00003 Platinum White Pearl/BlackRESERVED
              • A11-41007-00002 Crystal Black Pearl/Black
              • A11-41007-00001 Crystal Black Pearl/Black
              • A10-41005-00001 Modern Steel Metallic/Black RESERVED
              • A01-41019-00001  Platinum White Pearl/Black
              • A10-41005-00003 Crystal Black Pearl/BlackRESERVED
              • A12-41011-00003 Modern Steel Metallic/Black
              • A11-41007-00004 Platinum White Pearl/Black
              • A01-41019-00002  Crystal Black Pearl/Black RESERVED
              • A01-41019-00003  Platinum White Pearl/Black
              • S10-41010-00008 Modern Steel Metallic/Black
              • A10-41005-00004 Modern Steel Metallic/Black

              2023 Honda Passport

              • A10-41005-00010 Radiant Red Metallic/Black
              • A01-41019-00004  Radiant Red Metallic/Black
              • A01-41019-00005  Platinum White Pearl/Black

              2023 Honda Ridgeline

              • A11-41007-00007 Obsidian Blue Pearl/Gray
              • A12-41011-00010 Obsidian Blue Pearl/Gray
              • A11-41007-00008 Crystal Black Pearl/Black
              • A11-41007-00009 Pacific Pewter Metallic/Black
              • A12-41011-00011 Obsidian Blue Pearl/Gray
              • A09-41000-00014 Modern Steel Metallic/Gray
              • A09-41000-00016 Radiant Red Metallic/Black
              • A10-41005-00013 Radiant Red Metallic/Black
              • A10-41005-00014 Lunar Silver Metallic/Black
              • A10-41005-00015 Platinum White Pearl/Black
              • A01-41019-00010  Platinum White Pearl/Black
              • A11-41007-00011 Crystal Black Pearl/Black
              • A10-41005-00016 Platinum White Pearl /Black
              • A01-41019-00011

              2023 Honda Civic Sedan

              • A11-41007-00037 Crystal Black Pearl/Black
              • A10-41005-00037 Crystal Black Pearl/Black RESERVED
              • A10-41005-00036 Crystal Black Pearl/Black RESERVED
              • A11-41007-00038 Aegean Blue Metallic/Black
              • A11-41007-00039 Sonic Gray Pearl/Black
              • A12-41011-00037 Metorite Gray Metallic/Black
              • A12-41011-00038 Milano Red/Black
              • A10-41005-00038 Lunar Silver Metallic/BlackRESERVED
              • A11-41007-00040 Lunar Silver Metallic/Black
              • A10-41005-00039 Platinum White Pearl/Black
              • A12-41011-00039 Platinum White Pearl/Black
              • A11-41007-00018 Boost Blue Pearl/Black
              • A10-41005-00020 Boost Blue Pearl/Black
              • A12-41011-00018 Platinum White Pearl/Black
              • A11-41007-00037  Crystal Black Pearl/Black
              • A01-41019-00050  Crystal Black Pearl/Black
              • A01-41019-00051  Sonic Gray Pearl /Black
              • A01-41019-00052  Metorite Gray Metallic/Black
              • A01-41019-00053  Platinum White Pearl/Black
              • A01-41019-00021  Sonic Gray Pearl /Black
              • A11-41007-00036 Crystal Black Pearl/Black
              • A10-41007-00055 Aegean Blue Metallic/Black
              • A12-41011-00034 Aegean Blue Metallic/Black
              • A12-41011-00035 Metorite Gray Metallic/Black
              • A12-41011-00036 Lunar Silver Metallic/Black
              • A01-41019-00048  Crystal Black Pearl/Black
              • A01-41019-00049  Morning Mist Metallic /Black
              • A11-41011-00036  Lunar Silver Metallic/Black
              • A11-41007-00017 Metorite Gray Metallic/Black
              • A12-41011-00017 Smokey Mauve Pearl /Black
              • A10-41007-00051 Platinum White Pearl /Black
              • A01-41019-00020  Platinum White Pearl/GR
              • A10-41007-00049 Morning Mist Metallic/Black

              2023 Honda Civic Si

              • A10-41007-00054 Blazing Orange Pearl/Brown
              • A01-41019-00047  Aegean Blue Metallic/BR

              2023 Honda Civic Hatchback

              • ID Number
              • ID Number

              2023 Honda Pilot

              • A12-41011-00006
              • A12-41011-00007  RL/BK
              • A01-41019-00006  Platinum White Pearl/Black
              • A11-41011-00049 BV/BW
              • A12-41011-00008 Lunar Silver Metallic/Gray
              • A01-41019-00007  +Aegean Blue Metallic/Black
              • A01-41019-00008  Sonic Gray Pearl /Black
              • P124102200001    Sonic Gray Pearl/Black RESERVED
              • A01-41019-00009   Crystal Black Pearl/Black

              2023 Honda Accord

              • S124102000001 Crystal Black Pearl/Black
              • S124102000002 Canyon River Blue Metallic/Black
              • S124102000003 Metorite Gray Metallic/Black
              • P014102400001 Lunar Silver Metallic/Black

              In Production Vehicles FAQs

              Honda’s in production vehicle availability gives you a rare opportunity– you can claim a brand new Honda vehicle before it’s even hit the market yet! Get a car, truck, or SUV that perfectly fits your specifications and includes all of the most up-to-date technology and developments with a simple order at Davis Honda. Here’s what you need to know about in production vehicles!
              In production means that a particular vehicle is still in production. These vehicles are currently being built at production centers, so they haven’t started to arrive at dealerships yet. You won’t be able to go in and buy one off the showroom floor.

              With the help of Davis Honda, you can buy any Honda vehicle, even one that isn’t technically available yet! You can fill out a simple pre-order for the vehicle you want by contacting us and letting us know the details of the vehicle you’d like to reserve. We’ll set up the reservation, and when the pre-production vehicles become available, you’ll be notified that your vehicle is ready and you’ll be one of the very first people to enjoy your brand new Honda.

              One of the biggest perks of reserving your vehicle is how fast you get your new ride once the vehicle fully comes out, but pre-ordering an in production vehicle also gives you a lot of control over what you end up buying. There’s no risk of a dealership not having the specific trim or color you want in stock– when you place a preorder you can specify every little detail that you want to include and you can be sure that your vehicle will arrive exactly the way you want it to, no compromises.

              Here are some of the upcoming vehicles that you might find especially exciting!

              2023 Civic Type R

              The new Civic Type R is the most powerful Honda Civic ever, with a 4-mode drive system that includes +R mode, Individual mode, Sport mode, and Comfort mode. The all-new Civic Type R runs on a turbocharged 2.0L engine that delivers 315 hp, and with new and improved features such as a redesigned rear spoiler and diffuser for controlled air resistance and New Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires and reverse-rim wheels for added stability, the 2023 Civic Type R is a completely unique vehicle.

              2023 CR-V

              Rugged yet refined, the 2023 CR-V has been enhanced in almost every facet, from improved suspension and steering to a more comfortable and roomy cabin. For this upcoming model year, the CR-V will even feature an exciting available hybrid powertrain.

              2023 Pilot

              The upcoming Pilot will be Honda’s most rugged SUV yet, with incredible capability and a TrailSport edition for the extra-adventurous driver.

              2024 Prologue

              The 2024 Honda Prologue will be a groundbreaking fully electric SUV. With it comes a whole new era of electrified Honda vehicles that can deliver amazing versatility and driving range and are capable of managing both daily commutes and exciting getaways.

              For more details regarding reserving your vehicle, please give us a call at (609) 699-4180, or fill out the form below, and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.