2023 Redesigned Honda Models

Honda's Redesigned 2023 Models

At Davis in Burlington, we know that Honda is renowned around the world for being at the forefront of automotive innovation. With advancements in electrified power, premium materials, and automotive capability, Honda's new models arrive with the latest features and upgrades. Additionally, across all 2023 Hondas, Honda is introducing a new free service plaid called the Honda Service Pass. This plan provides select scheduled maintenance visits, such as oil and filter changes, tire rotations, and inspections from participating dealerships for two years or 24,000 miles, (whichever comes first). Let's take a closer look at just a few of the popular 2023 models to see how they've been updated for the new year.

2023 Honda Accord Updates

The new 2023 Accord offers a longer and sleeker build with sleek proportions and a wide stance. This is part of a larger new Honda design direction across their lineup, providing vehicles with a low horizontal beltline and a long, powerful front end. The 2023 Accord doesn't disappoint as the U.S.'s most popular sedan, offering distinguished new looks, refined performance, better responsiveness, and more. More specifically, the new Accord offers class-leading trunk size, two new infotainment systems, the latest Honda Sensing technology and safety features, and build options that favor a hybrid powertrain across the lineup.

2023 Honda Pilot Updates

For 2023, the new Honda Pilot's interior and seating options have been perfected. Drivers will discover the SUV's clean, uncluttered instrument panel top that reduces windshield glare and reflectiveness. This update helps bolster outward visibility, improving this Pilots general driving safety. The SUV's new front seats are called Body Stabilizing seats, which are built to reduce fatigue when you need to take longer drives. The Pilot will be available with a removable middle seat in the second row that can be stowed underneath the cargo area. Additionally, the Pilot's cargo capacity has expanded to 114 cubic feet of total cargo space.

2023 Honda CR-V Updates

Debuting as the series' 6th generation, the 2023 CR-V offers a bit more height inside and out while sporting a more upright and muscular front end. This SUV also offers an updated interior cabin with bigger touchscreens and elite-quality materials for luxury on the go. The CR-V's general improvements include a bigger build overall, sleek and sporty exterior styling, and a more spacious interior that offers a refined atmosphere and fancier features. The new CR-V also features an updated version of the standard turbo-four engine, now delivering more responsive and efficient power. This is all made possible with the CR-V's impressive continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT) and updated all-wheel-drive system.

Honda is one of the world's leading automakers for a reason: every model year is filled with impactful and cutting-edge features that make driving engaging and comfortable. Don't miss out on the latest Hondas for 2023! If you have any questions about the 2023 Honda lineup or any of our great vehicles, feel free to contact us at Davis Honda in Burlington, NJ. Learn more about our dealership today!

2023 Honda Accord and 2023 Honda Pilot are computer-generated protoype images. Actual vehicle may not appear exactly like the computer-generated image.