KBB Instant Cash Offer

One of the easiest ways to sell your car is through Kelley Blue Book's Instant Cash Offer. All you have to do is answer a few questions about the features and condition of your car and within minutes you will receive an offer that you can bring to a participating dealership for cash or trade-in credit. If you live in the Hamilton, NJ area, you're in luck! Davis Honda in Burlington is a participating dealership in Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offers.

How Does it Work?

Simply answer the questions online and receive your Instant Cash Offer. This is calculated based on your vehicle's specific condition and features, the current supply and demand for your vehicle, and your location. Getting an Instant Cash Offer is free, and once you receive your offer it remains valid for seven days. When you're ready, bring your car and Instant Cash Offer Certificate to your local participating dealership, like Davis Honda, along with your registration, driver's license, keys, service and repair records, and your vehicle title, lienholder information, or leasing paperwork. Here your car will be inspected to verify the information you provided. After this confirmation, you can either walk away with a check for the amount of your Instant Cash Offer, or you can trade in your car and put the value of your offer towards the purchase of a new vehicle.

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What Are My Options?

Once you've received your Instant Cash Offer, it remains valid for seven days, but you are under no obligation to redeem the offer. If you decide not to sell your car, that's okay! If you proceed to the dealership, you have one day after your vehicle is inspected to decide whether to accept. The dealership will honor the Instant Cash Offer as long as the information you provided is verified during the inspection. If they don't match up, your offer will be recalculated by the dealership to be more accurate.

Is My Vehicle Eligible?

You can sell your car through Kelley Blue Book even if it's financed or leased, or not in perfect condition. In certain cases, your vehicle may be ineligible for an Instant Cash Offer, for a few reasons such as title issues, market volatility or lack of market data, unresolved recalls, or if your vehicle has been at an auction in the last 45 days. There are certain categories, such as particular makes and models, that are not eligible for Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offers. If your vehicle falls into an excluded category, you will not receive an offer.

To fill out the questionnaire and get your car assessed for an Instant Cash Offer today, enter your license plate number or seventeen-digit VIN here. Contact Davis Honda here with any questions, and when you're ready, visit us in Burlington, NJ to get cash or trade-in credit for your car!

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